Portable Storage Units and Containers

AA Self Storage first ventured into portable storage options with the development of our AA Portable Storage System in the summer of 2003. With over 17 years in the industry, we have grown our portable storage options into a customer experience that is second to none. With great products, unparalleled employee knowledge, and cost-efficiency, AA Self Storage is proud of our portable self storage units.

Portable Self Storage Solutions in Eastern NC and VA

Originally starting our portable self storage offerings in Lynchburg, VA, AA Self Storage has expanded into North Carolina with our Raleigh and Oxford locations now carrying portable storage units. Services also available in Henderson and Butner out of the Oxford facility. The demand for our portable storage has been so great that we plan on continuing expansion to our North Carolina coastal locations in the near future.

Why Use AA Self Storage’s Portable Units?

We truly believe that our company offers the best portable storage experience in our region.  Working with the highest-quality materials, our storage units are made to surpass our competition. Our portable units can be kept at any one of our fine locations or brought to your property for convenient access. If you choose to keep your unit on your property, give us a call when you are done, and we will pick it up.

AA Self Storage’s portable units come in a variety of cost-efficient sizes ensuring that you will be able to store all of your valuables without fighting for space or breaking your budget. If you have any questions about our portable storage options or are ready to rent a unit, contact us today – we are happy to answer any questions you might have.