Portable Storage Containers for Moving

Moving can be a real pain – relieve some of the stress of moving with AA Portable Storage. Our portable self storage units are designed with versatility in mind.

Renting a large truck from a moving company can be scary as they do not handle like a normal car, and can leave you feeling unsafe during your move. With patented and patent pending equipment, AA Self Storage can easily move your portable storage unit from one location to another for you.

Why Choose Portable Storage Containers Over a Moving Company?

Deciding whether to go with a self storage solution over a traditional move is a debate many people go through. While a moving company can save you some heavy lifting there are endless horror stories of movers not being on time or damaging precious possessions.

Some of the positives that come with using our portable storage units include:

  • Cost-efficiency – Traditional movers charge by the hour and often have a lot of hidden fees. Using our portable self storage, you only pay for the rental of our storage unit and delivery fees.
  • Security – You wouldn’t want a stranger handling your most valuable items. With a portable storage unit you and those you choose will be the only ones to access your secured storage unit.
  • Convenience – Movers generally operate on pretty strict schedules. If you rent one of our portable storage units, you are free to load and unload the unit on your own time. Even better, if there is room on your property you can keep the unit close by for the entire move.
  • Time Saving and Labor Saving – Our portable storage options are much simpler when compared to your traditional fixed storage unit. Traditionally, you load your belongings up, haul them to a fixed storage building, unload your belongings into the fixed building and repeat the process when you move out. With our portable storage unit you only handle the storage unit twice – you load it and unload it. Saving you countless hours of physical labor and reducing the chance of damaging your belongings.

If you want to check out our portable storage moving options, contact us today or feel free to visit one of our fine locations in RaleighLynchburg or Oxford.